Commemorative Elvis Presley Bust (sculpture) in Bronze


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Welcome to This site is here to display a sculpture by Somerset (UK) artist, Fran Nile. The piece itself is an attempt to capture who Elvis was in 1956, the year Fran first heard Elvis on British forces Radio. 

Fran has taken his inspiration from a wide variety of images of Elvis from the earlier part of his career and has used them to come up with what I am sure you will agree is an excellent likeness....


This bust is the ideal gift for an Elvis fan

Elvis bust
  About Fran Nile

Alongside the limited edition run of bronzes we will be producing an unlimited edition of plaster/resin reproductions. This will give Elvis fans the opportunity of owning the artwork at a fraction of the cost of the bronze. These pieces will be available soon, contact us for details

Fran Nile was born in Sherborne, Dorset in 1948. He has always been very interested in art, but apart from a period at Yeovil art school in the 60's he is self taught. 

Fran was always a massive Elvis Presley fan, and felt that a sculpture of "the King" offered huge inspiration. "Everyone knows who he is and what he looks like but no one had ever done a truly accurate bust that really captured him in his prime". 

So, on a part time basis, Fran began work on the bust about 10 years ago in his "pyramid" studio, and after various set backs, a bronze has now been cast. Now that the bronze has been completed Fran has already started work on the second bust which will become part of a series spanning Elvis's career/life.


Elvis news

Check out for its Elvis special, It charts his entire career - from Memphis to Vegas - and also reviews the top 20 Elvis songs of all time, alongside rare and unseen photos and interviews with those that knew him best.





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